Witchy Clothing

Witchy clothing has always been a significantly large aesthetic subculture, with more and more mainstream clothing companies appealing to fans of this aesthetic as time goes by. The main basis of witchy clothing is a sense of sublime and etherealness, created by flowy fabrics and delicate accessories - think forest nymph, and you’ll be on the right track.



While most other unconventional clothing niches seem quite strict about the colors that fit their aesthetic, witchy clothes come in a variety of different colors. Of course, black is the most prominent and most often associated with this aesthetic, but red and white are equally as popular in the community. More earthy colors like green and brown also have a place in this aesthetic.



Like mentioned before, witchy accessories are usually quite delicate, though intricately detailed. Necklaces and rings depicting witchcraft and pagan related symbols like the moon, the Triple Goddess, pentacles, and flowers are all very popular.

More nature-centric styles are often paired with headdresses and crowns made from leaves or flowers, while styles that are closely aligned with the “darker side” of witchcraft can sometimes feature accessories like daggers or skulls.



The most common type of clothing associated with the witch aesthetic is a dress. This is possibly because, stereotypically, witches can be perceived as a sort of “femme fatale” character, therefore these dresses often hug the body to accentuate its best features.

Floor-length, flowy gowns are the most popular type of witchy dress, even in modern styles. They often have intricate detailing along their sleeves, like embroidery or beautiful lace, and the skirt sections can sometimes have multiple layers of fabric. Shorter dresses are often more casual in style, with A-line or skater skirt shapes, simple necklines, and less detailing on the sleeves.

As explained before, the most dominant color in the witchy aesthetic is black, though it is often paired with a variety of other colors. Dresses can often have embroidery in silver, gold, or even red thread to really bring out the details, while layered skirts may sometimes have a mix of colors throughout the different layers.




Although not as popular as dresses, tops that fit in with witchy fashion can be equally beautiful and intricate. They are often paired with simple skirts or dark trousers to ensure that most of the attention is focused on the top. Like with dresses, they come in a wide variety of colors but are most popular in black, red, and white.

When it comes to witchy styles, you will very commonly find tops with beautiful embroidery in colored thread, depicting symbols related to witchcraft and Paganism. These symbols can range from simple images of different celestial bodies or of symbolic animals like cats or crows, to very intricate designs that, for example, replicate tarot card pictures.

Another common feature of witchy tops is some sort of modification, like an open back, or puffy sleeves, or some leather attached to the fabric of the top. These tops are a perfect fit for the witchy aesthetic as they represent the core value of witches - embracing uniqueness and femininity without any shame or guilt.