Vampire Aesthetic

Vampire aesthetic fashion is quite multi-faceted and draws inspiration from a range of other styles. These can range anywhere from 18th-century clothing styles to the more contemporary “jeans and a leather jacket” look. However, there are some key aspects of the vampire aesthetic that can be seen in practically every iteration of the style that you could possibly imagine.



Most importantly, if you’re looking for a vampire aesthetic, stick to dark clothing. Obviously, the most popular color in this style is black, mainly due to the dark history and connotations of the fantasy creatures this style is based on. Colors like maroon, navy, and even emerald do turn up occasionally, although that is mostly in accessories rather than main items of clothing.



Speaking of accessories, it’s pretty hard to find a vampire-inspired style that doesn’t involve them in some sort of way. More traditional styles can be pretty dramatic, with capes or cloaks, fashionable walking sticks, and even weapons like daggers acting as accessories.

There are also countless rings, necklaces, belts, and even body chains that perfectly fit the vampire aesthetic. They often have a quite industrial and rugged appearance, perhaps referencing the period in time when vampires first became popular in Western culture - the Industrial Revolution. They will also feature symbols like crosses, bats, daggers, skulls, coffins, and many others that are in some way related to vampires.



Dresses in the vampire aesthetic tend to be very feminine, regardless of whether they’re in a more traditional or modern style. They’ll accentuate and bring attention to the body’s best features, and will give the wearer an air of elegance and aristocracy.

Traditional vampire-inspired dresses are heavily influenced by 18th-century Victorian fashion. The gown will be floor-length, with intricate lace detailing and many layers. While these dresses do typically come in black, they are also very popular in white, red, or a combination of all three colors. They’ll also have some pretty dramatic flared sleeves, which may remind some people of bat wings.

Modern-style vampire dresses take a completely different angle. While the colors of the dresses remain practically unchanged, their length and style definitely differ from the traditional style. First of all, these dresses will be much shorter, usually only reaching mid-way down the thigh. They’ll also be a bit simpler, with less fabric and confusing layers to worry about. Similarly to traditional styles, there will be some lace incorporated, though it’s usually more provocative than elegant.



Tops that fit the vampire aesthetic will often involve some unique detailing. This can come in the form of, for example, vampire-related prints like bats, blood, and skulls. Higher-end clothing items will have these designs embroidered, rather than just printed on.

An alternative style of vampire aesthetic tops doesn’t really have a proper name, but it involves materials that aren’t typically used for tops. These tops usually have some sort of lace, mesh, or leather paneling, giving them a particularly one-of-a-kind look. Some tops may even be made completely out of these materials, taking the vampire aesthetic to a quite futuristic level.

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