Short Gothic Dress

One of my friends recently told me about the Goth Shop. I am a pretty hardcore goth and have experimented with a LOT of different styles of clothing over the years, especially when it comes to alternative fashion. However, I had somehow not actually heard of the Goth Shop. I’m glad I have now, because they have such a great range of goth and alternative clothing.

This is great for someone like me, who lives in an area with a massive lack of those types of shops. Anyway, I had been thinking about getting a new dress for a while, but this was proving to be a bit difficult. This was because I wanted to find a dress that suits my style, which is pretty edgy and alternative. Most dresses that you find in stores are pretty girly and in bright colors, and I’m not really into that. However, the

Goth Shop has a great range of dresses which are just to my taste! I ended up buying one of their short dresses, which was black and had a really nice print on it. I didn’t have to wait too long for my dress to come, as they shipped it almost straight away. Shipping was also free, which was great! When it came, the packaging seemed really sturdy and protective, and the dress was exactly like it looked in the pictures. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly. In addition, the fabric was really soft and comfortable. It’s also easy to wash and take care of, which is pretty important for me. I have quite a hectic lifestyle, and don’t want to have clothes that I need to baby or can’t wash whenever I need to. Thankfully this isn’t the case for my new dress, and it also looks especially good when I iron it.

Something else that impressed me was the customer service that the Goth Shop offers. They have both free international shipping and returns, so I was happy to take a chance buying the dress, because I knew that if there were any issues, I could just return it for a refund. I was very happy with my experience shopping with the Goth Shop overall, and I feel pretty certain that I am going to be a loyal customer of theirs for a long time. I would thoroughly recommend the dress and the Goth Shop in general to anybody with an interest in gothic fashion.