Goth Leggings

 ‏So, you’d like to find a great pair of gothic leggings, or maybe a pretty pair of plus size gothic leggings? The gothic tights and leggings you can find today are edgy, shape enhancing tools in anyone's closet, because they do all of the body toning and enhancing for you. Goth leggings are a natural slimmer in your wardrobe, because of the dark tones and sexy vintage laces and prints that are used. Gothic leggings, plus size gothic leggings included, are found in leather, faux leather, flared and side laced, and they are not your average pair of leggings.‏

 ‏When you’re tired of your black jeans and want a step in the romantic or relaxed direction for an evening, nothing beats a pair of goth leggings. Not only will you be comfortable for your entire night out, you’ll look as though you’ve been dolled up by the Goths themselves. Some of the goth leggings being sported these days are in pretty skull prints, fully side laced with ribbon, ruffle flared at the bottom of the leg for an extra dressy touch, or are faux leather and give a touch of danger to your look. ‏

 ‏One of the best qualities is the comfort. You could literally sleep in your leggings if you wanted to, yet when you wake up you’ll be ready to throw a blouse on over your leggings and hit the town without a problem. Gothic leggings are pretty and versatile, and because of the gorgeous vintage lace patterns that are being used, there is a hint of the Victorian patterns found in the tatting, and it lends an extra decorative aspect to the leggings. ‏ 

‏Another great thing about leggings is the ability to make any woman of any size feel slender and beautiful. Leggings are designed to pull everything taut, and by doing so, they can make you appear more slender, and much more toned. Combined with the dark colors that are traditional gothic wear, and you can very easily look and feel as though you’ve lost ten pounds, just due to the snug fit of your leggings. If you’re a plus sized woman, don’t be afraid to try a pair of plus size gothic leggings. You will more than likely be very pleasantly surprised with the look and feel, even if you haven’t been comfortable wearing other types of leggings in the past. ‏ 

‏Paired with flats, stilettos, sneakers, or flip flops, gothic leggings are always going to give the appearance of just a little mystery, and a vintage appeal that Goths are known to be drawn to. They can be worn under a skirt or dress, or paired with a halter top or blouse if you want to show off your frame a little more. Even with your slimmest sweaters, gothic leggings will look fantastic on you because of the flirty lines and hues that are always body flattering. Try a mid thigh length sweater with your gothic leggings, then add a pair of heels, and you’re ready to go easily from day into a comfortable, yet sexy, evening.