Gothic Buckle Boots

I have recently started getting into gothic fashion. For a long time, I was the kind of person who just followed trends, without thinking too much about trying something new or edgy out for a change. However, as time went by, I started getting more and more tempted by gothic fashion. I’ve always loved dark and edgy clothes, and I wanted to see how they would suit me.

However, it’s not very easy to get clothes like that where I live, and I was honestly a little intimidated by the idea of going into a shop like that! Thankfully, I did a bit of searching on google and came across the Goth Shop. I saw straight away that they had a massive range of just the types of clothes I had been thinking about trying out, and I decided that I would try buying something there and seeing how it fit me, and how I felt wearing it. That’s exactly what I ended up doing, and I decided to go for some chunky boots with buckles. I thought that shoes can be a little more versatile than other types of clothes, and so it might be a good place to start. I ordered the shoes and then just had to wait for them to arrive.

The Goth Shop actually offer free international shipping, so it ended up being a really great deal on the shoes. When they finally arrived, I was excited but a bit nervous. That all changed as soon as I took the shoes out of their packaging. The packaging seemed like it was great quality, and the shoes were in perfect condition. I don’t have much experience shopping online, so I was a bit apprehensive about putting my money towards something I couldn’t try on first.

However, the Goth Shop offer free returns, so I knew that if there was an issue with my order, I could just return it. Thankfully, that wasn’t necessary. The shoes were exactly what I was looking for! They are supportive and sturdy, and easy to walk in. I was worried that they might hurt my feet because of the design or the leather, but that was thankfully not the case at all. They were so easy to wear in, and I actually get a lot of compliments on them when I wear them out. I am so happy with my purchase, and I would absolutely recommend the Goth Shop to anybody who might be thinking of making a purchase through them.

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