Goth Ankle Boots 2020

I recently decided to try buying a new pair of edgy leather boots. I had been wanting to change up my look for a while and wanted to try to find something that could give me a bit of extra height, too. I had heard about Goth Shop from a friend and decided to check the website out. I was really impressed by the range they offer, as well as how great the boots looked. I went ahead and bought one of the pairs of black leather ankle boots that they offer.

When my gothic ankle boots came in the mail, I was immediately struck by how great the quality was.They feel very sturdy, and I think they are going to last for a really long time. The packaging was also high-quality, and the shoes were protected well while they were in transit. The Goth Shop offer free international shipping, so I was especially impressed that they offered such great packaging, too.

A lot of online retailers do not, unfortunately.I tried the shoes on, and they are a great combination of comfortable and sturdy. I was worried that they might hurt my feet. However, this hasn’t been the case at all. I have been wearing them around when I get a chance, and they have been pretty quick to wear in,without losing any of their shape or their structure. I also get quite a lot of compliments when I go out in these ankle goth boots, which feels great!

The heel is relatively high, so I get a nice boost to my height. However, it’s not so high or thin that I feel unstable when I walk around in the shoes. I’m not that comfortable walking around in heels, but I have no problem with these goth ankle boots! I think this is probably due to the ankle strap, which is supportive makes everything feel stable.It’s quite difficult for me to think of any potential downsides of these shoes. The quality is good, they came quickly, and I think they look great. I would easily recommend both the shoes themselves to anybody thinking of buying them, as well as the Goth Shop itself.

As,, mentioned above, I was impressed by the range they offer, as well as how professional and quick their customer service is. I am sure I will shop with the Goth Shop again in the future and am going to encourage all my friends to do so too. 


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