Edgy Style

Dark and depressive used to be the terms to describe what is now known as “Edgy Style”.  Yet, edgy is more than leather, studs, zippers, and boots. Edgy style is thinking ahead of the conventional curve.  Setting fashion trends, instead of following fashion trends, is edgy. Edginess is relative to the wearer of the clothing, because what I consider to be edgy, you may find mundane or even boring.


What Is Edgy Style?

Edgy style is about combining clothing, footwear, and accessories in your own, unique ways. When you take pieces that aren’t conventionally flattering and combine them in ways that make them flattering, that is the epitome of edgy style. Wearing pieces of clothing in ways they weren’t intended to be worn, such as wearing a man's button down shirt as a dress, that’s edgy. Wearing clothes intended for the opposite sex, that’s edgy. Edgy doesn’t equal style, it’s all about combining edgy pieces with your own personal style and creating a blend that works for you.


Edgy Dresses

Little grunge dresses have made a comeback, and they are just as edgy today as they were in the late 1990’s. Some of the best edgy dresses on the fashion scene are the silk slip dress, the velvet babydoll dress, and dark floral minidress. All of the edgy dresses can be paired with staples in the edgy wardrobe like a denim jacket, or a leather cropped jacket. Grunge dresses are great because they can be white, blue, or even pink, but when they’re paired with a denim jacket and black tights, it’s an instant edgy look.


Edgy Jackets

Leather is a go-to edgy look when it comes to jackets. Zippers and studs combined with a well worn look adds an edginess to your look that you just won’t find with other statement pieces. A vintage leather jacket is a great choice for an edgy jacket.


Denim jackets, especially distressed denim jackets, give the traditional grunge a new edgy feel. Pair a cropped denim jacket with an oversized plaid shirt for the ultimate updated edgy grunge girl look.


Accessorize Yet Minimize

Edgy accessories are usually fairly minimalist.  Simple black hats and chunky ring combinations are most frequently spotted, along with the mandatory superstar dark sunglasses.  Choker necklaces, beanies, and leather studded cuff bracelets are a few of the go to edgy accessories that can turn a mundane shirt dress into an instant edgy look.


Tousled hair is also a favorite edgy style.  Don’t worry about straightening your hair, just run some texturizer through your locks, put a beanie over your head, and you’re ready to roll. Of course, some of the classics to be spotted along with the revamped beanies are the Doc Marten boot, and the canvas sneaker, all of which can be paired with jeans or a slip dress to add instant edge to your little black dress.


Edgy style is all about having a unique yet wearable style, something that works and is flattering for you.

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