Corporate Goth Style

When merging your personal Goth style with the corporate world, the typical process actually involves dressing down. This is because Goth Style tends to lean toward being overdressed in most occasions. Corporate Goth is actually a great look, as it involves a lot of black pinstripes and black patents, which are polished yet sexy looks that go easily from the office to the afterparty.


Typically, you’ll want to leave the skulls, crosses, crucifixes and skeletons at home. Under accessorize, leaving the focus on your abilities at the job, versus the rings you’re wearing on every finger. When in doubt, all black is usually a safe bet.  



Some of the best Corporate Goth looks involve pencil skirts and pencil dresses. Pair a black pencil skirt with a blouse that has sheer overlays, or a sweater with a flattering cut, you have an instant Corporate Goth hit. Try to dress your style a little more corporate by trading your boots for a pair of gorgeous black stiletto heels. The stilettos can take a pencil dress to a new level of Corporate Goth.



When it comes to suits, Corporate Goth does it best because of one word: pinstripes. A pinstriped suit in either white or black just screams success, and a black or white button down makes for a classic look that has undertones of sex appeal that work for both men and women.


Black blazers and a black or white button down can work with slacks, jeans, or a pencil or flared skirt. Add black tights with your skirt and a wide belt over your button down, and you have taken Corporate Goth to entirely new heights.


Typical Colors

As we all know, black is the safety net when it comes to dressing for success. Yet, in some of the most appealing Corporate Goth looks, dark greens, mauves, ruby reds, and magentas are just the touch of color needed to make a statement in a sea of corporate flunkies.


Although the classic black and white is never debatable, try adding a little flair to your look with a silk blouse in deep green or ruby.  Or, add ruby stilettos to your black pant suit. The splash of color helps to bring the look to life, and will give just the right level of pop to your Corporate Goth style.

Typical Styles

In the Corporate Goth style, there are a lot of fitted jackets and pencil dresses with wide belts. A great way to utilize the casual day in the office is with a pair of black skinny jeans and a collared button down in mauve or deep green, along with black flats.


Because Goth styles are usually so dressy to begin with, they make a great transition to the corporate world. With the occasional swap of the Doc Martens for stilettos, and dark floral prints instead of skulls on your scarf, you should be able to master the Corporate Goth style with very few changes to your existing wardrobe necessary.

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